Looking for compassionate, science based training? Look no further!

Hunter has over a decade of experience as a certified trainer whose ongoing education continues daily to teach her new and long lasting ways to help your pup learn everything they’ll need to succeed to the best of their ability.

Specializing with reactive dogs and using LIMA based behaviour modification, your dog won’t be punished into suppressing unwanted behaviours. Rather, our time together will be spent getting curious about your dogs unique needs, what it is they’re saying to you, and giving YOU all the tools you’ll need to build an enduring, trusting, and peaceful relationship with your companion that will last a lifetime. 

Whether you’re looking to bring a puppy home for the first time, dealing with new behaviours popping up, life circumstances changing, have just rescued a new dog or are just looking to bond with your pup more, Hunter will be able to cultivate a training plan that fits. 

The only thing you need to start down the path of perfect companionship is an open heart and a willingness to learn. 

“If I’ve learned anything since I started training, it is that no matter the dog and no matter the goal, if their person comes to me with an open heart and an eagerness to learn, their relationship will thrive in the time they’re with me, and goals will be achieved. Watching a dog and their person start to bond and understand each other on a deeper plane truly fills my cup, and I’m so honoured to have the knowledge that helps me share my skills with the world. 

Whether you’re a first time dog owner or a seasoned companion, I promise you there’s new ways to learn to love every second we have with our canine friends. This is a relationship that dates back 30,000 years, to say that Canis Lupus Familiaris (common domestic dogs) are special is an understatement. The relationship between us and them is as unique as it is beautiful. Symbiosis happens often in nature, though seldom to this deep an emotional bond, as far as we know.” – Hunter Johnson


Training package options




  • 30min consultation call on Zoom to discuss history, relationship, and goals. 
  • 1.5hr in person/virtual session
  • Individualized training plan and homework sheet
  • 2 week 15min check-in call





  • 30min consultation call on Zoom to discuss history, relationship, and goals. 
  • (x3)1.5hr in person/virtual session
  • Homework sheet
  • x3 check-in phone calls
  • Text support between sessions (Regular business hours apply) 
  • All sessions must be booked within 8 weeks of discovery call to maximize efficacy of lessons



Contact us for pricing


  • 30min consultation call on Zoom to discuss history, relationship, and goals. 
  • accessible behavioural training for the lifetime of your pup* with priority booking
  • unlimited text support between sessions (regular business hours apply)
  • homework sheets after each in-person or virtual session
  • quarterly “pupdate” emails with training tips that are age/behaviour appropriate, catered to your dog (not a newsletter)

terms & conditions apply, please inquire


Contact us for Pricing


  • 30min consultation call on Zoom to discuss history, relationship, and goals. 
  • 8 weeks of practical training in our home for your dog
  • Weekly virtual “pupdate” sessions
  • Bi-weekly 1hr in-home practical sessions*
  • Final in-home training session to go over training plan, set the stage for success in your home
  • Homework sheets included for every session PLUS lifetime* text/email support


*Initial consultations will be on zoom.

*During consultation call, training session dates will be booked

*All training sessions are 1.5 hour and occur either in your home or neighbourhood

*Extra in-person sessions can be added to any training package, as needed for $175.

*Extra Virtual sessions can be added, as needed for $150.


*Lifetime of dog includes if dog is rehomed, with conditions

*All services will be terminated immediately if techniques beyond what have been given by us are used. This includes techniques seen on TV shows, from YouTube channels, from books or any other form of media. 

*All text/email support subject to regular business hours

*Bi-weekly 1hr sessions to take place on weeks 2, 4, & 6 of 8-week course

*All services subject to terms & conditions